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We can't tell you how wonderful we feel when we receive these unsolicited testimonials from our customers. These testimonials are from letters, emails, and reviews from sites like Facebook, Yelp, Angie's List, Google, etc. It's so nice to know that our hard work and dedication to our customers are appreciated!

Sal and I want to thank you so much for your generous and kind gift of the sewing machine. I cleaned it out and oiled everything that looked like metal on metal and dusted it the best I could. As far as I can tell it might be at least at 90% speed if not better. When Sal gave it to his client she was so appreciative and actually offered to pay you something, and was further grateful that it was a gift from you. I want you to understand that this act will profoundly impact this family in a positive way. Doing alterations was a way this young mother is able to stay home with her special needs child, and help put food on the table. When we left the store Saturday my husband and I were on the verge of tears because we were aware how meaningful this would be to her, and so surprised and moved that you did this. The fact that my husband was moved didn't surprise me since I know he's an emotional cream puff, but as a rule I am pretty cynical and jaded. I was already blown away that you took all that time on a busy day trying to find a product you didn't even carry. Between my sewing instructor's recommendation,  (Catherine Petrosinoand, my amazing experience with you,, I can safely say my loyalty was built in; after this, it is cemented!

With Gratitude,

Sal  & Debbie


I am so happy you have found the right person to replace you. We are lucky to have Steve
In the store. I plan to stop by to wish him luck.


Sylvia L.


Dear Harvey,



"I met Steve, and right away was quite impressed with his knowledge and personality.  Looking forward to a long and pleasant rapport with the new owner."


Thank you so much for the fast, fast, delivery and your offer to help if need be.  Must finish a quilt before I get into this but such service needs to be acknowledged, twice!

You have no idea how much I appreciate you. Thanks again for
exchanging the machines. I will remember your company for any future
Thanks again,

Remember the bar in the TV show Cheers "where everybody knows your name"? That is how I feel when I go to Sew Right. I am a beginning quilter with many questions about material selection, patterns, etc. Whenever I go to Sew Right the staff remembers what type of sewing machine I have, what projects I have done-it is just amazing. Laurie is my quilting guru. She taught me how to quilt and I am very grateful When I start a project I go to Laurie and get so many helpful suggestions. When I bought my machine at Sew Right, Mary Ann very patiently gave me a lesson on how to use it. Sue has also been very helpful whenever I have asked her anything. I have had lessons at other quilt and fabric stores but no others compare to Sew Right.
Jeannette N.

Sew Right is fantastic. I had my mother's old Elna machine from 1947 and in a matter of a week, they cleaned and serviced it as if it were new. Very friendly, very reasonable prices and would highly recommend Sew Right.
Adrienne T.

Harvey, Recently I have had to visit your store several times. I would like to advise you that in each of my visits I got excellent attention.Your staff is wonderful. Their moods are always upbeat and their knowledge is excellent. They all work with each other and gave me excellent help .
I just felt you should know this. I always feel welcome and ask questions that are always answered patiently and completely.


To the wonderful staff of Sew Right,
Just a short note to thank you for the wonderful, magical job you did on my 25 yr old
Elna Sewing Machine. It was in a dire situation and you really brought it back to life! I feel like i’m driving a Lexus! Using it the last few weeks it has become a pleasure to use. Thanks loads for enabling me to love my best friend, my Elna again!
Leah J.

Hi Ruth & Sew Right,
I wanted to thank you for the fantastic class you taught about pressing and interfacing held at Sew Right last Sunday, 3/20/16. As always, you provided invaluable information and ideas and I enjoyed the demo/lecture so much. Every time I take a class with you, I learn so much. Harvey, thank you for making Ruth's classes available at the store. They're always a great experience. Take care and thanks, again.
Mary S.

Great selection of fabrics, threads, sewing machines, & they even have sewing class. Pretty big store & the service was great. When we were there, so many of them asking us if we need any help. Great store! Great service! Highly recommended!
Mr F G and Ms M S

Great place for sewing supplies and fabric. I bought their fabric shears and they are great. The lady who helped me was super knowledgeable with everything in the store. There was also another associate who was on the phone helping someone out with a sewing machine problem. They also have sewing classes. I wish they would bring back the robe class!

Yuri K.

I haven't purchased a machine or fabric here, but they just repaired my 25 year old Necchi sewing machine and it's purring like a kitten! It hasn't run this smoothly since it was brand new! I was hesitant at first because I live in Yonkers and it's a long trip, but it was sooo worth it! They're so pleasant to deal with and clearly know their stuff. And the price was shockingly reasonable. When my old reliable eventually bites the dust, I'd definitely shop with them for a new machine. Great place, super nice people! If you love your machine, check this place out!
Agnes C.

This is the best sewing machine store in New York State!
They are so helpful from every stage of your purchase! I have purchased 2 sewing machines plus a sewing table a cutting table and chair for the sewing machine and everything has lasted incredibly well! They have classes for beginners to mid-level quilters and they offer excellent service to all! I have friends who have moved upstate and make the trip to Bayside just to bring their machines here for service. All I can say is there is no place like Sew Right for all your sewing related needs.
June F.

Dear Harvey,
Thank you so much for being such an incredible "go to"! I was panicking the night my machine broke, but I knew you would do anything you could to help me out of this very tricky you always do! I just wanted to say THANK YOU so very much for your help- Always!
Stephanie H.

Hi, all you nice people at Sew Right.
On Wed Nov 5th my sister-in-law and I attended Mary Ann's lunchtime demo on making Christmas ornaments and we enjoyed it so much. We were visiting from Ireland and will surely make use of what we learned at our women's club here in Gort, Co. Galway. Hopefully we'll see you again next year.
Merry Christmas Mary Ann.
Bridie G.

Excellent sewing machine maintenance service on my old Singer machine. Harvey cleverly dealt with my partially melted/warped tension control (due to exposure to high density light too close to top of machine) by cutting a larger opening in the top plate. Cost less than other maintenance services I have had in other cities. Staff and Harvey very knowledgeable, friendly, and welcoming. Even if you have to go out of your way to go there, it is worth it.

Susan J.

Hi Harvey
I just got home from your store and I wanted to let you know your staff is fabulous! My experience there was wonderful. Everyone was so helpful and friendly. Mary Ann couldn't have been more helpful. She knew exactly who I was when I came in since you forwarded my email to her. She jumped right into my bag of feet and gave me all the info I needed. She got me the correct bobbins and additional accessories and even took time out to show me how to use the buttonhole foot I special ordered! You definitely have a customer in me from now on. I will be happy to drive the 45 minutes to your store as opposed to the 15 minutes to the unfriendly, unhelpful dealer that is closer to my home.
Thank you again for everything. Rebecca M.

Your products have totally changed my art-making life. Thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart!

Hi Harvey
Just wanted to let you know I attended the EQ 7 and lunch break demo last week. Both Elaine and Mary Ann did a great job. I also took Laurie’s for her free motion quilting class on Friday. She was phenomenal! One of the best classes I have attended at Sew Right and lord knows I attend a lot. In my humble opinion I think Laurie should offer that class on a regular basis (every two months or so). I met your new hire Sue and she's very nice. You know me, I paid attention to the way she spoke to customers both in the store and on the phone and she was helpful polite and very enthusiastic. I think she will be a good fit with the ladies and an asset to your business.

Just wanted to take the time to wish everyone a healthy, happy new year! Thanks for all your patience and help this year.
Looking forward to learning more this year!
See you soon, Lila

I don't know what I would do with out you. I would probably sew less and stress more. I thank you for all your support

Your store is great, your repair and upkeep of my machine is wonderful, all in all you have an excellent place. My only regret with your store is you are so far away from where I live which makes visits far and few between, but worth the trip.
Hoping 2014 is happy and healthy for you, your family and your staff.


Thank you for always being so nice and helpful to me when ever I visit your store.

This shop is awesome! I just had my Viking machine repaired and thought it was dead because a different shop told me they could not fix it but I am so excited because Sew Right brought my machine back to life at a reasonable price!

Thank you so much!
Tonya T.

Wanted to say how helpful and knowledgable all the people who work there are. I love the fact that though I bought machine in 2004, I feel as though I have personal friends at the store who still answer my dumb questions so graciously. It's like a special community of sewers/friends.
Doris M.

Thank you MaryAnn, Harvey and Aarona for all your help with trying to get my Ruby working. You are the reason I come to you for all my machines. I know you stand behind your word when you believe in what you have sold me. I told MaryAnn that I went to a Joann’s that had a Viking center. The woman was perturbed that I didn’t buy my machine from her. I told her I got it for $1000 less. She said to me that if I don’t want a machine maybe I would like some stabilizer, it is 50% off. I said, “which is the type you use for your embroideries?” She said, “ I don’t really use the stabilizer so I couldn’t tell you.” I rest my case. Your knowledge and help enriches my life by allowing me to do the activity I love, SEW! To all of you who work in the store, you make the best team ever. If only the METS could achieve in baseball what you achieve in sewing ,Queens , NY would be a winning borough. Thank You. 


Nice job to all of your staff-My daughter Kristen came in today and from the moment she entered the doors she was treated like royalty. Both Kristen and I appreciate the excellent service that your company provided us today . Great customer service is hard to come by these days it was nice to see it again.
Carole & Kristen

Thanks for your patience and encouragement. This year has seen projects that I would never have been able to complete without all of you!
Toby E.

I discovered Sew Right thanks to a friend about three years ago. The best thing about Sew Right are the people, the tech, and the owner of the store Harvey. They are friendly and all are knowledgeable in all areas. I can not say how many times I have gone to look at sewing machines in a shop and the sales person does not have a clue about the machines, or much of anything else, and you have to go back when another person is there. This is not the case at Sew

Right. Sew Right stands behind what they sell 100%. If you have a problem it will get solved. Their pricing also seems to be the best around.
Nancy B.

I took today's excellent class on Viking machine utility stitches with Mary Ann, and even though I thanked her, I want to reinforce that by sending this email. It's a long drive from where I live in Northport, yet whenever anyone I know wants to buy a sewing machine I recommend Sew Right. Many of those life-long suburbanites say "you expect me to go all the way to Bayside?" and I always say that it's definitely worth it. (And it's not a bad drive once I finally get to the parkway.) Two women in my quilting classes have taken my advice, and now there are two more converts. In fact, one of them just bought two machines at Sew Right for her twin daughters for Christmas.

Bette I.

Hi Harvey,
I picked up my Bernina Virtuosa last week after a cleaning and tune-up. I just had to email you to tell you how happy I am with your repair service. The machine sews as beautifully as the day I bought it. I am confident that I will be equally as happy with the results on my Singer 221 that I brought to your shop as well. Thank you again for top-notch service!
Kathryn I.

Dear Sew Right,
Thanks for doing such an amazing job on repairing my sewing machine! I have never dealt with a store with better service!
Margaret F.

Anne K.
Harvey, I almost forgot to tell you that once again your crew help me thru a very difficult time. I had to embroider a banner for my grandson's communion. I was dubious if I could do it. Maryann said it could be done, Elaine picked out supplies and told me how to do it, and Connie told me how to reposition the design. I was really very pleased with the help I received. The banner turned out beautifully and was the best in the class. It wasn't a competition but I guess mine stood out. Thanks for you help. I really need it from time to time.
Angela M.

Thanks again for your excellent customer service. I wouldn't buy my machines anywhere else.

Rosemary from SS

Hi Harvey,
I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how impressed I was with the Beginner’s sewing class with Pat Freeman. In the first five minutes of the class she managed to wash away all of my pre-conceived notions and fears about sewing. I found myself doing things that I never thought were possible from reading the pattern verbiage which seemed like Greek the first time I looked at it to finishing a robe that didn’t have uneven sleeves or hems. I asked that you kindly pass on my contact information to Pat, so that she can let me know when she’ll be having any other sewing classes and of course since your website is now one of my favorite, I will also check regularly for classes of interest.

Shobna P.

This is from a survey I received from a company via e-mail......
Please tell me 3 things that are most important to you in a sewing machine dealership! In other words, your top three things in your dream dealership!
Label your answers in rank order.
1. Friendly welcoming knowledgeable staff
2. Classes that help me make the most of my machine
3. Reliable service center
I am blessed to have all these and more at Sew Right in Bayside, NY
Maria R.

I just wanted to let you know that I used the Husqvarna Viking 100Q for a class. I love it! It sews beautifully. Now I don't have to bring my other machine to classes, since it is a lot heavier. Thank you very much.
Cindy F.

Thank you so much for your time and dedication to me on Saturday. I sewed all weekend and it was so simple. I made that scarf with perfect edges -- the silk took very well to the wooly nylon and I started on a long sleeved nylon/knit (almost done, just coverstitch left) INCREDIBLE. And while you guys are far, I think it's worth the trip. You guys were great! I went to the dealer near me and didn't really get the same welcome you guys gave me.

Yvette V.

Dear Sew Right,
I just wanted to tell you that you did a great job on my 50 year old Singer Touch & Sew. It has not worked this well in many years!
Thanks! Terry D

Hi Harvey,
You've always been very kind to me and I appreciate your being THE BEST SEWING MACHINE DEALER EVER!
Mel B.

You have a wonderful crew of creative, innovative, inspirational and sharing women who treat customers like family. I'm so glad I found Sew Right! I only wish it had been sooner!
Maura P.

Love the Store! Harvey and the ladies are experts in all aspects of sewing, the vast array of products (machines, accessories, notions, thread, books, etc) available. Great sales and promotions, enjoyable classes and clubs, and especially the outstanding service. Sew Right is the very best!

Diane C

I wanted to write a brief letter to thank you for your help in assisting me so quickly with my sewing machine today. Though my problem was minor I could not have figured it out without your help. Is is so nice to know that you are a store I can trust that won't take advantage of you. I will definitely recommend your store to everyone.

Elena P.

Hi Harvey,
I don't get down to Queens very often, but I do follow your website. I have been to many sewing stores and you are one of the best. And I mean on the East Coast, not just New York. Good selection and if you don't have what I need you have a solution or a suggestion. That is good service, a rare commodity!
Linda B.

I can't thank you enough for looking at and fixing my machine while I was there on Friday! I really appreciate it. You were so busy and you did it with such ease. I don't really think people know how well you and your staff take care of you customers. I am so glad I purchased my machine from you.
I think your staff is wonderful and all of you have been a delight to deal with! Looking forward to a long relationship with Sew Right!
Carolyn Z.

Dear Harvey,
Thank you so much for a terrific visit to your store. Not only was it fun, but also very informative. I am very excited about my new machine (stayed up late reading some of the literature)! I really feel we made a good match, and appreciate all the time you spent working with me. Thanks to you, it felt more like a mentoring session then a business transaction. You can be sure I'll be recommending you to all my friends for machines and advice!
Barbara R.

I must commend the staff at Sew Right for the gracious and ethical service I received recently. My house burned down last year and I brought my serger in to see if it could be repaired. After checking it out I was informed that it could not be saved. I was given various options and was shown new models that might fit my needs. I was not pressured and was given the opportunity to make an informed choice. I was pleasantly surprised that I was not charged for the service on my old serger. I am definitely looking forward to doing business with Sew Right. Once again, thanks for the great service!
Ramona R.

Harvey--can I tell you!!!! That machine. Ohmygosh! It's the best thing since sliced bread! I'm exhausted. I was up waaay past my bedtime playing last night. I worked on the huge silk window treatment I was in the middle of when my Elna died. Harvey, you and your staff are wonderful!

Peggy M.

Dear Harvey,
Thank you so much for taking the time to find out what was wrong with my Bernina 1260 when my husband and I brought it to your store on Saturday. Whatever you did to it made it run like a charm! It is so quiet I cannot believe it. I cannot thank you enough for fixing it and saving me another trip into the store during this busy season.
Pat R.

Thanks for all your extra help yesterday. I am thrilled with my new machine and it drives like a dream. You made the purchase efficient and easy and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your honest approach. I look forward to my next visit to Sew Right and will be sure to tell my sewing friends as well.
Dorothy H.

Just wanted to thank you for the great job you did servicing my Bernina 1230. It's been very noisy for a long time and I thought it was on it's last legs. After bringing it to you it's working better and sounding better than it has in many years! I really enjoy this machine so I'm so thankful for the job you did.
Lynelle S.

Dear Harvey and the wonderful staff at Sew Right,
Although you repaired my machine weeks ago I just sat down to use it now for the first time. I do not recognize my machine! I sent it in for a new bobbin case and I got back a CADILLAC! You did a magnificent job and using my "new: machine is a joy! I must thank you in writing and my dear cousin for recommending you!
Thanks Loads, Leah J.

Harvey and his staff are the best people in the industry. It makes me proud to know there are dedicated, honest professionals within our reach.
Ruth C.

Little did I know when I purchased my first embroidery machine from Sew Right five years ago that I would be entering such a wonderful long term relationship! Everyone is simply wonderful. I could not be happier :)

Janice K.

I have a vintage 1949 Singer Sewing machine that needed a replacement part. I had gone to a couple people in the city but they either didn't know what it was, gave me something cheap, or would take pliers and bend something, calling it fixed. Needless to say weeks later I was still in need of the part. I came across this store through reading other reviews on Yelp and was definitely happy that I did. Since I didn’t want to blindly go all the way out to Bayside (from Brooklyn), I actually emailed the owner Harvey about my situation. He was VERY helpful and after biking out there from Brooklyn, not only provided me with a new part but explained why the old one was bad. The price was very reasonable and the store itself was buzzing with activity (perhaps a sewing class?).

Allene S.

You become one of the Sew Right family when you buy a sewing machine or take one of their classes. They are very knowledgeable and the support you receive from the whole staff is amazing. They know your name!! I cannot say enough about their service. No question goes unanswered.
Lois K.

This is the only store to go to if you are serious about buying a quality sewing or embroidery machine. The machines are top of the line and the support , training and maintenance are even better. I cannot say enough good things about things about this store!
Margaret H.

I have searched for some time to find a place dedicated to the beginner sewer and I found it at Sew Right. Before I bought my first machine at Sew Right, I took a class and was impressed by the individual training in a group atmosphere. I decided that Sew Right was the place I wanted to experience and learn this life skill. After my purchase of my Viking, I received individual instruction in its operation. Taking several classes, I became familiar with sewing basics and continue this committed adventure with additional classes. My current class, Aarona took the time to stop by each student to be sure they were comfortable with the project step they were doing. Harvey stopped by to be sure a problem with my machine was fixed (I didn't have the bobbin tension correct and thanks to Aarona's machine experience in addition to instruction on how to thread the bobbin). After the class was completed, Aarona asked me to contact her or anyone else available with any questions I had to complete the project. I could even stop in with the project for a demo again. Very reasuring for a person like myself who has difficulty and need of an explanation several times. To know that I had a "sewing family" dedicated to help me and other students continue with positive experiences and reinforcement has enabled me to try projects on my own. Yes, I still need help but I feel comfortable knowing any question is not considered unimportant and they know already I have to be shown more than once. Now, do I work at Sew Right - No - but do I wish I did - YES!
Anna Z.

This place is great! They fixed my machine in less than a week. I was shocked when they called me. It turns out the only part the machine needed costs $1.50. I had it serviced which was a reasonable price. Everyone there is kind and actually acted like they wanted your business. I highly recommend them and will go there for other supplies like thread and needles.


I found Sew Right Sewing Machines online while searching for a place to get my vintage sewing machine repaired. This had great reviews online and after contacting Mr. Harvey via email, I decided I would visit. I brought my machine and Mr. Harvey knew exactly what to do to get my machine up and running. The price was reasonable and it was fixed in a matter of days. My sewing machine works like a charm! I had an issue with my stitches and didn't know why that was (I'm a newbie!), so I emailed Mr. Harvey and he responded right away with some advice as to how to fix my problem and it worked! The customer service is excellent, the quality of the work they put into repairing is top notch and the selection of everything you need to sew is immense. If you're a beginner or a pro, Sew Right is the place to go! Highly recommended!
Kristine L.

Thank you to everyone at Sew Right for fixing my beloved sewing machine. Another repair place told me it was unfixable. It was fixed, at a reasonable price and works better than when it was new!!! I am soooooo happy!!!
Lauren G.

Dear Harvey,
I called and spoke with Mary Ann about my Pfaff 2170 on a Friday morning. Even though you were not in and Jim probably couldn’t get to look at it that day, I brought it in because I really needed it and so wanted to bring it in asap. I was so happy that when I was writing it up with Mary Ann, I told her that even though I thought I went through all of the check points, I thought it was probably something really simple that I just wasn’t diagnosing. Well, I was so happy that we plugged it in and showed it to her because it was so simple that I was embarrassed that I didn’t figure it out for myself. She didn’t try to make me feel foolish and was just happy to be able to help me. So again, I wanted to share with you another very good experience that I had coming to your store and how I appreciated it. Diana B.

Mary Ann,
I wanted to let you know how much I love the Imagine serger you sold me. I have been working on it and it works soooooooooooooo good.
You were right to say “WOW”. It is so true. Again, I want to thank you for your wonderful help with signing language and working with me on the machine.
Yours, Anne

Dear Harvey,
From the moment my husband and I stepped into Sew Right, we both felt right. We definitely were met with happy people with happy faces, concerned about my sick sewing machine. By the time we ended up at Sew Right I was in a state of despair wondering which path to take. Could

my machine be fixed or the decision to buy a new one? By the time we left your store, there wasn't a doubt in my mind that my machine would be fixed, and it was! Harvey, you and your staff bring much joy to all who enter thru your door. God bless all of you.
Anita & Rob G.

I LOVE Sew Right. I've purchased several machines from them...mine and my daughter's. They are always only a phone call away if you have a question or a problem, or have forgotten how to do something, which happens frequently with me:-) THE ladies who work there are amazing and a wealth of information and are happy to share their endless knowledge. Harvey is great! I always feel like I'm one of the family!

Jill T.

I purchased a wonderful sewing machine from Sew Right Sewing Machines a few years ago. I did not even know how to thread a needle at the time. Now I can use all 300 of the stitches the machine has preprogrammed. They gave me lessons and answered my questions every time I called or visited. They were so patient and so knowledgeable that I can now hem my own pants, and alter my own suits. I would recommend Sew Right to everyone from the amateur to the professional... It is a one stop shop for all of your sewing needs.

Mr. Pat A

Holy smokes Harvey! It's Labor Day weekend. You should be relaxing! I never even anticipated a reply until business hours on Tuesday. I certainly appreciate your mailing those bobbins! You have proven once again why it's absolutely worth it to me to come in to Sew Right from Suffolk County to take care of my machines. I truly appreciate your excellent service. You can be sure I'll sing Sew Right's praises to my circle of quilting friends about how quickly you resolved this problem.

Sincerely, Bette I.

I brought my mother's old Singer from the 1970's in for repair, and within 3 days it was ready for pickup! The staff there is amazing and so patient with all of my questions. They were able to provide me with a detailed list of everything that was repaired, as well as some information about the machine I was not aware of. It now works (and looks) better than ever and I am so grateful to their repair team for doing such a superb and thorough job of making it run again, as it has a lot of sentimental value to me. The repair price was also very fair (approx $150) considering it had never been serviced or oiled, and needed a few new parts. Don't think of taking your machine anywhere else to get serviced!

Annie R.

I just wanted to let you know my daughter Jessica came home with a huge smile on her face, she LOVED your class. She went on and on about your store the machines etc... I am so happy. Thank you so much. She can't wait to come in tomorrow.,
Sharon B.