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Juki MO-734DE


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With 15 stitch options available on the MO-734DE, you can achieve virtually every serger technique and decorative stitch you've imagined!

Create the latest sophisticated styles, trendy sportswear, stretchy active wear, adorable childrens wear, decorative home fashions and more! With the MO- 734 you can expand your sewing capabilities to include advanced applications such as, a blanket stitch, deco flatlock and deco ladders.

The Juki MO-734 can handle all types of fabrics from ultra light weight to heavy weight, and the most difficult-to-feed materials.
Product Features

Lay-In Threading
Threading the MO-735 is a breeze. The lay-in system lets you thread quickly and easily. The color coded numbered threading system, takes the guesswork out of threading.  



Color Coded Thread Paths
Threading is fast and easy with the fool-proof, color-coded thread path system. Just follow the color indicators and lay thread into the guides. Fast and Easy!


Super Easy Looper Threading
The lower looper threader disengages for fast, easy looper threading, in seconds. 

Just slide the thread into the slot and snap the looper into place. 


Automatic Needle Threader - 2 Needles 
Threading that is fast, easy and done with a simple push of a lever. 


Multi-Function Presser Foot
The multipurpose presser foot, standard on the MO-734DE, allows you to create overlock stitches and add tape, elastic, ribbon, or sequins to your creations. 

Snap-on presser feet mean that you can easily change from the multi-purpose foot to one of the Juki Specialty feet and expand the creative potential of the MO-734DE. 


Front Extra-High Foot Lift 
The Extra-High front foot lift option allows for thick fabric, or layers of fabric to be handle with ease. 

The adjustable foot pressure dial allows for foot presser to be increased or decreased to handle any fabric. 


Safety First!
Micro safety switches on the front and side covers provide extra safety when sewing. If the covers are open, the machine will not sew. 


Serging Precision
The built-in seam guide takes the guesswork out of seam allowances. Just use the conveniently located gauge on the guard cover and serge away, creating accurate seam allowances as you go. 


Heavy Duty Upper & Lower Knife System
The knife system on the MO-734DE operates with a dedicated drive to assure consistent and smooth cutting for both light and heavy weight fabrics - so all fabric edges can be trimmed safely and professionally. 


  Easy Cutting Width Adjustment
The lower knife cutting width easily and quickly adjusts with the turn of the dial allowing you to create perfect seams and rolled edges. 

Up and Out of the Way 
The upper knife arm can be effortlessly released with a press of a button to provide more sewing room. This is useful when do not need to trim the fabric edge.







Flip and Roll 
Automatic rolled hemming can be created quickly and easily with a flip of a switch. No need to change the needle plate or foot - Just Flip and Roll!


Differential Feed Adjustment 
Keep things moving along evenly, or create fashion techniques, like lettuce edges, with the easy to use Differential Feed dial.


Easy Stitch Length Adjustments 
Change the stitch length for specialty thread or overlock techniques using the conveniently located dial. 




Convenience Features:


Cut/Sew/Finish in One Operation
Lay-in Type Thread Tension Slots
Color-Coded Threading
Automatic Looper Threading
Slit-Type Molded Looper Threading Paths
Adjustable Stitch Length (external)
Adjustable Differential Feed (external)
Adjustable Lower Knife
Retractable Upper Knife
Automatic Rolled Hemming
Automatic Needle Threader
2/3 Thread Conversion Cap
Wide Overedge Width (5 - 9mm)
Higher Presser Foot Lift
Sewing Light
Micro Safety Switch




4-thread coverstitch, wide (5.0 mm)
4-thread overlock seam
3-thread overlock seam, wide/narrow 
3-thread super-stretch
3-thread flatlock seam
3-thread Blank Stitch, wide/narrow
3-thread rolled seam
3-thread rolled hem
2-thread overlock seaM, wide/narrow 
2-thread flatlock seam, wide/narrow 
2-thread rolled hem


Included Accessories:

Compensating Presser Foot
Large screwdriver 
Spare lower knife
Spool caps
Thread nets
Vinyl cover 
Needle pack 
Brush & needle inserter 
Needle threader 
Guide bar 
2/3 thread selector
Waste bin
Accessory pouch
Instruction manual 
Foot control & power cord 



Sewing Speed   Max. 1500rpm
Stitch Length   Max.4mm
Standard 2.5mm
Overlocking Width  

Left Needle: 7mm / Right Needle: 5mm 
Rolled Hem: 2mm

Differential Feed:   0.7 : 2.0 Ratio 
Presser Foot Lift   5mm
Needles:    Household #11~#14
Dimensions:   300 (W) x 260 (D) x 290 (H) mm
Weight:   9kg


Expand your machine’s creative potential with Juki accessories.
Serging jobs can be completed more quickly and with professional-looking results.

Finish, gather, and more. Juki has the correct foot for each creative technique. 
Standard Presser Foot
For regular sewing and attaching tapes.
  Blind Stitch Presser Foot
(for Right Needle)

For making blind hems.
  Universal Blind Stitch Presser Foot(for Right & Left Needle)
For making right/left needle blind hems and flatlock.
Elasticator Presser Foot
To attach elastic tape to stretch fabrics.
  Cording Presser Foot
For attaching nylon string or wire on edge of fabrics.
  Beading Presser Foot 
For attaching pearls and beading with overlock stitching.
Curved Beading Presser Foot
For attaching pearls and beading on a curve.
  Piping Presser Foo t
For sewing piping.
  Gathering Presser Foot
For gathering and sewing with differential feed.