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TUE-FRI: 10-6 | SAT: 10-5

Four Patch Kaleidoscope Quilt with Judy Doenias-New Dates!

By using a print or novelty fabric with a large repeat, you can create a stunning quilt of great diversity. For those of you familiar with “Stack and Whack” and “One Block Wonders”, this is like them but much easier and more addictive.  It starts with a large or medium scale print with a lot going on.  Like a snowflake, no two 4 patch block will be alike. Judy will guide you through the process of creating your own one-of-a-kind quilt.

Class Fee: $125
Class Limit:6
Mask wearing is mandatory during class.

Supply List  

-Only one fabric will be used for the squares and depending how you set them, you may need others.  The other fabric choices will be discussed in class.  For the main fabric look for:

 -A fabric with a minimum amount of background showing because too much background could produce squares with very little design elements.

-A solid background is ok, but one with texture can be more interesting.

-Although medium prints can and do work, it’s the large scale prints with many different design elements that work best because the more that’s happening, the less the finished blocks will look like the original print.  Look for lots of colors, long skinny lines like branches or bird legs and interesting shapes-even faces can work because when they break down they just look like patterns.

 -Many Japanese prints fit the bill beautifully.  Be careful of large flowers because they can fill the entire square without giving much variety.

-How much fabric you use depends on the repeat.  Look at the selvage end and find a point where you can easily find a motif that will be recognizable when you find it again.  Look for the next identical motif and measure the distance between the two identical repeats.  A repeat of 12” or more works great.  Multiply the amount of repeat by 4, add about a quarter of a yard and you have the amount of fabric you need or:

-Count the repeats and then measure the fabric, adding a bit more at the end for the fudge factor or to use elsewhere in the quilt for setting.

Other supplies:

-Basic sewing supplies including seam ripper

-24” rotary ruler, rotary cutter and mat

-A square ruler for cross cutting the squares and squaring up the blocks (6” or more is fine)

-Pins-long shafted thin flower headed pins work great.  The thinner the pin, the better.

-Fabric scissors

-Sewing machine with a quarter inch foot and thread

Four Patch Kaleidoscope Quilt with Judy Doenias-New Dates!

$ 125.00