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TUE-FRI: 10-6 | SAT: 10-5

*GUEST EDUCATOR* Fit Clinic with Kenneth King

Fit is the Holy Grail of garment sewing-all the fine sewing in the world will not save a badly fitted garment.  There is precious little information out there on fitting and this class aims to address that lack of good information.  This fitting clinic will perform two functions:  to explain and demonstrate how to fit garments and to create a pattern of a favorite garment that actually fits.

The student will bring in a muslin mock-up of a garment that they want adjusted to fit them properly. In class, they will learn how to adjust the garment for a proper fit.  A pattern will be created based on the adjustments according to the information provided in the re-fitted muslin. At the end of class, along with a well-fitting pattern, the students will gain an understanding of the procedure and principles of how to "fit" so they can apply these skills to future garments.

*This class is for intermediate and advanced sewers.

Prior to class, please ensure that you have properly prepared your pattern. Watch this video to determine how.

  •        The choice of the type of garment is up to you.
  •        Make up the muslin using the main pieces (no facings), sewn with long stitches.  
  •        Copy the pattern onto fresh paper, marking seam lines and all other markings.  

Supply List

  • Banner paper or project paper from an office supply store for pattern making
  • Pattern making supplies
  • Tape
  • Colored pencils
  • Drafting tools
  • Sewing supplies (pins especially)

 Please review our Class Policy before registering.


Skill Level:

*GUEST EDUCATOR* Fit Clinic with Kenneth King

$ 120.00