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Self Portraits- A 2 Day Workshop with Esterita Austin: Cancelled till Further Notice

  •  Create a dramatic portrait that Rembrandt would envy. Using value effectively is the key to making this face leap off the surface. Using your own photo and hand dyed fabric you will be taught an easy step by step fusing technique. Anyone from beginner to advance can achieve success. A demonstration of a few well-placed strokes of paint will put the finishing touches on an expressive and dynamic portrait.


  •    Photo Composition:  11 x 17" or  11”x18” color print


Use the frame of your camera phones viewfinder as your compositional space making sure the photographer is close to the subject being photographed.  The subject being photographed should fill the entire frame of the viewfinder.  The image should be of the head only.   Please do not take a photo from a distance and enlarge to fit, detail will be lost.  Take a second photo from more of a distance including more of the hair for reference.

 You may take as many photos as you like and please send them to my email address at I will help you choose the best image. Once the image is chosen please print it to either 11 x 17 or (18 x 24 which you can get at Costco.)


  •    Lighting your Subject:

Have the subject sit or stand next to a window in a room with no artificial lights on.  With the natural light coming from the window take your photo no flash. Have one side of the face in the light as the other side falls into shadow.  There should be a full compliment of values from strong highlights on one side of the face through mediums to dark shadows on the other side. If you are photographing outside it’s suggested to do so at the end of the day when the suns rays create warm highlights and long deep shadows.  It is suggested to avoid overhead, or mid day light.


Studio photos, such as old portraits with full face lighting, or children are not good for this project. Self portraits are highly recommended. (We can do a nip and tuck if you like!)


  •    Supplies to bring: 18 mm Rotary cutter* new blade, sharp xacto knife*, cutting mat, flower head pins, iron and board, ballpoint pen, ultra fine, and fine point black sharpie , 2 pieces 18x24”  freezer paper,  scotch tape, garbage bag, apron
  •    Fabrics to bring:

Background: "half yard black cotton fabric, assortment of dark multicolor/value jewel tone fabrics for hair, or whatever your hair color is: a range from light to dark fabrics


KIT FEE $35  includes fabric for the face, parchment paper, textile paints, brushes, palette,  scrubbie,  Transdoodle transfer paper, vinyl and handout.




Self Portraits- A 2 Day Workshop with Esterita Austin: Cancelled till Further Notice

$ 225.00
Class Fee Includes the $35 Kit Fee