Judy Doenias

Judy Doenias came to quilting as a second career, after working for 26 years for the government. She learned to hand piece in 1987, and two years later, started teaching. As a math lover, quilting appealed to her love of geometry. As an avid knitter and needlepointer, she was also attracted to colorful fabrics and the satisfaction of handwork. Her first quilt remains unfinished, but she discovered a new obsession.

Judy’s work takes many forms. She has experimented with just about every technique, and her interests range from the most traditional topics like English Paper Piecing, Sashiko and Dear Jane, to such contemporary topics as Colourwash, Tessellations and her own particular fascination, Quilt As You Go. Her innovations in this technique, in which the blocks are pieced on a foundation of batting and backing fabric, allow her to make more quilts in less time. Not content with basic patterns, Judy has gone on to adapt designs like Drunkard’s Path, New York Beauty, and Inlaid Appliqué to Quilt As You Go. She puts her unique stamp onto easy designs like Log Cabin and Rail Fence, and her QAYG classes are always popular.

Her classes run the gamut from beginners (Basic Patchwork by Hand, and Hand Quilting) to advanced (Everyday Best, and the wildly popular University Log Cabin) as well as such novelty topics as Fabric Crochet, Locker Hooking and Toothbrush Rugs.

She is a member and past president of Empire Quilters, and a former member of Manhattan Quilters Guild. Her teaching credits include many guilds, conferences, including Quilting By The Lake and The Great American Quilt Festival, as well as at the American Folk Art Museum.

In addition to quilting, Judy is also interested in Egyptology, astronomy and opera. She has a warped fascination with Lizzie Borden, and an unhealthy addiction to Sudoku. She lives in Forest Hills, Queens, with thirteen sewing machines, thousands of yards of fabric and two cats.



Quilt As You Go NY Beauty
Designed and made by
Judy Doenias

Tipsy Strips
Designed and made by
Judy Doenias

The Wanderer
Designed and made by
Judy Doenias


Ruth Cabble
Specialty: Garment Sewing

Click here for Ruth's Blog:  Long Island Sewing Teacher



Like so many sewing enthusiasts Ruth grew up with a family of quilters 
and garment sewers. She was greatly influenced by clothing designer 
Bill Blass. By the time she was in 8th grade she was sewing all her own 
clothes, a tradition which she continues today. She knew she was 
destined to be a Home Economics teacher. Ruth graduated with a Bachelor 
of Science in Education. She majored with a dual concentration in 
Textiles and Nutrition. She also completed a Masters in Science plus an 
additional 80 post master credits. Ruth has taught every level of textile construction in the NYS public school system. This experience afforded her a methodical and detail-oriented approach to instruction. 

Ruth has sewn everything from window treatments to bridal gowns. Lately 
she has been producing photo wall quilts enhanced with computer 
embroidery. Every sewing project, pattern, fabric and machine used has 
been recorded in a memory diary since the 1980’s. (not that anyone is 

While teaching at school she always wore clothes she made to motivate 
her students .Those individuals who know her work tease her saying she 
can wear her clothes inside out because of the seam details. To that 
end, “Why settle for ‘Ready-to Wear’ when you can create custom? “


Diane Collier

Diane Collier teaches teen sewing and on occasion, adult classes, too.  A Sew Right customer of thirty-plus years and a retired teacher, she finally succumbed to Laurie's persistent cajoling to teach a class to teens during a school break a few years ago.  That one time has since become a popular feature on the store's calendar, with many students returning several times.  Diane is an avid needleworker who enjoys sharing her passion for garment sewing, machine quilting, and hand knitting with fellow enthusiasts of all ages.