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This striking graphic quilt designed by Laurie Shifrin is made with 4 courthouse square log cabin blocks and finishes to a whopping 74 1/2" x 74 1/2" size. Rotating the blocks creates several different designs. Join Judy Doenias for 3 weeks of fun, creating your own version based on your color choices. Quilters who can cut accurately and sew with a consistent seam allowance will have no trouble with this one.

Cost: $ 65.00
Explore your creativity with Judy Doenias! Once a month for four months we will meet (if you love it, we can continue beyond that time). Judy will present a challenge for you to explore during the upcoming month and ask you to present your results to the class on the following month. It can be based on a quilting design (e.g. log cabin, etc.), it can be to explore a shape (e.g. squares, etc.), it can be to create your own design based on simple parameters, or anything that your mind can conjure. If you are ready and willing to participate which includes doing your homework, this inspiring class will elevate your quilting experience.

Cost: $ 85.00
These stunning birthstone jewels look very complex, but once you learn MJ Kinman's method of foundation piecing, you'll discover how to methodically create these gems. Although this is designed as a block-of--the month series, Laurie will teach you the method with the birthstone of your choice in 2 sessions since the technique translates to all the gems. Please let Laurie know which birthstone you'd like to create.

Cost: $ 75.00