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This cute purse goes together like a song!! The purse includes a trimmed zippered pocket, a zippered main compartment, and an interior slip pocket. We'll take 1/3 yard of exterior fabric, 1/2 yard of quilting weight fabric for the interior, 1/4 yard of another coordinate (vinyl, leather or perhaps cork) for the straps, mixed with various fusible interfacings and stabilizers, add all that to our zippers, and, poof, we'll have Lola!! Patterns available at Sew Right.

Cost: $ 89.00
Some beginner classes rush you through a couple of simple projects. When you then try to do it on your own, you're lost. At Sew Right we've been teaching beginners for years and have developed the right format so that you'll understand it and can go home and do it on your own. Ruth has been teaching people to sew for over 30 years! Here's a chance for a beginning sewer to kick things up a notch! Start with a super simple design and learn how to combine a variety of fabrics to create a patchwork jacket and/or use those decorative machine stitches with fancy thread or trims for a custom design with bling! (Soft fabrics with drape will work best).

Cost: $ 195.00
Fit is the Holy Grail of garment sewing-all the fine sewing in the world will not save a badly fitted garment. There is precious little information out there on fitting and this class aims to address that lack of good information. This fitting clinic will perform two functions: to explain and demonstrate how to fit garments and to create a pattern of a favorite garment that actually fits. The student will bring in a muslin mock-up of a garment that they want adjusted to fit them properly. In class, they will learn how to adjust the garment for a proper fit. A pattern will be created based on the adjustments according to the information provided in the re-fitted muslin. At the end of class, along with a well-fitting pattern, the students will gain an understanding of the procedure and principles of how to "fit" so they can apply these skills to future garments. Seating is limited to insure everybody gets personal attention. *This class is for intermediate and advanced sewers.

Cost: $ 89.00
If you've taken a class with Ruth before you know that it is equivalent to taking a professional class at FIT or better! A basic dress is a classic staple for every wardrobe. In this class, you'll learn how to select a dress pattern style that will work with your body type as well as one that offers features that permit easier fit. Ruth will focus on bodice-fitting as that is crucial to the look of your garment. It's time to work with necklines, armholes, facings, and darts. Ruth will share her years of teaching experience in helping you create a stunning simple dress.

Cost: $ 175.00
This lecture/demo will inspire you to use your imagination! Using the various shapes, fills, and regional properties of IQ, you can create new art work to be used on a variety of projects. Applicable to Baby Lock Destiny, Solaris & Valiant owners.

Cost: $ 15.00
This striking graphic quilt designed by Laurie Shifrin is made with 4 courthouse square log cabin blocks and finishes to a whopping 74 1/2" x 74 1/2" size. Rotating the blocks creates several different designs. Join Judy Doenias for 3 weeks of fun, creating your own version based on your color choices. Quilters who can cut accurately and sew with a consistent seam allowance will have no trouble with this one.

Cost: $ 65.00
Explore your creativity with Judy Doenias! Once a month for four months we will meet (if you love it, we can continue beyond that time). Judy will present a challenge for you to explore during the upcoming month and ask you to present your results to the class on the following month. It can be based on a quilting design (e.g. log cabin, etc.), it can be to explore a shape (e.g. squares, etc.), it can be to create your own design based on simple parameters, or anything that your mind can conjure. If you are ready and willing to participate which includes doing your homework, this inspiring class will elevate your quilting experience.

Cost: $ 85.00
These stunning birthstone jewels look very complex, but once you learn MJ Kinman's method of foundation piecing, you'll discover how to methodically create these gems. Although this is designed as a block-of--the month series, Laurie will teach you the method with the birthstone of your choice in 2 sessions since the technique translates to all the gems. Please let Laurie know which birthstone you'd like to create.

Cost: $ 75.00
Join us once a month as we explore the tools in the Floriani Total Control U Software. We will go over parts of the software program. This ongoing series will begin with the lettering component, then move onto the editing features, and then finishing with digitizing designs.