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Sew Right's Frequently Asked Questions
Q.  Why should I buy from Sew Right?

A.  Sew Right's staff have all been with us for many years. Two employees for over 15 years, another over 10 years and another over 7 years. And they all have been sewing for over 25 years. Our top technician has been here over 15 years and repairing machines for over 30 years. And the owner has been in the sewing machine business since 1973, owning Sew Right since we opened over 33 years ago. This experience is unmatched, not just in New York, but in the Northeast. And the multiple yearly training and conferences attended by the staff keep us up to date on the latest in products and service, ensuring our customers fabulous service! And everyone loves what they do. We think you will feel the difference when you come into our store.

Q.  I didn't purchase my machine at Sew Right.  Can you teach me to use it?

  Helping customers is our #1 priority.  We are only too happy to help you go over a few basic things     like threading, winding the bobbin and setting the stitching and tensions up.  If more lessons are     needed we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Q.  Why does my machine keep jamming when I begin to sew?

A.  Most times the thread is not in the thread take up (the skinny metal piece with the hole
      that moves up and down as the machine runs, located toward the top left of the machine).
      You could also not be all the way in the tension unit or your thread could be to thick.
      Always start to sew with the needle in the fabric.
      Try re-threading, a new needle, a new bobbin and a different spool of thread to see if this clears
      up the problem.
      If not, your machine probably needs a check-up.

Q. How often should I change my machine needle?

A. We suggest you change your needle after a few hours of use. If you notice a change in your
     stitches or your fabric puckering, then it is a good time to change. If you've completed a decent
     size project, I would also start my next
project with a new needle.

Q. How often should my sewing machine, serger or embroidery machine be serviced?

Generally, if you sew a decent amount it is a good idea to have your machine serviced yearly.
    (we offer a 20% discount to those who do that)
    Otherwise, every 2-3 years is just fine. We realize that if the machine is a fairly low priced model     (under $200) a yearly servicing might not be financially practical. If, on the other hand, you love
    your machine and want to keep it running well for years, a yearly servicing is the best choice.
    We suggest yearly service on sergers and embroidery machines.    

Q. What's the difference between buying a sewing machine online,
    at a WalMart/Sears/Target/Costco or from a local sewing machine dealer?

A. The big differences are service, products and knowledge.
    When purchasing a new sewing machine online or at a department/warehouse type store
    you are not able to ask questions and try different models to find one that suits your
    type of sewing. Online models are usually not available in stores. They are made for
    internet sales, like outlet store clothing. Most times warranties are much less than
    from a local dealer as well. For online purchases you will have to ship your machine back to
    where it was purchased from to have it repaired under warranty, or in the case of Sears,
    bring it to a Sears service center and leave it.
    Either way there is no one to bring it to or call to get immediate help or answers to questions.
    There are also no lessons or help on how to use your new machine.
    At a good, local dealer like Sew Right, you can try the latest models, get good advice,
    get problems solved, get free instruction on your new machine and get a great price along
    with the service you just can't get from a chain store.

Q. But I see machines on Amazon and other sites for $169 that get good reviews
    from buyers and seem to do what I need. I purchased other things online and
    saved money and it worked out fine.

A. A sewing machine is much different than a TV or computer. You need the "Hands On" feel to see
    if you like the machine. There are so many variables that can have an affect on the performance
    of a machine. Quality of thread, needles, threading, and settings on a machine that you might not
    be able to figure out without help.
    Then you either have to send it back or pay someone locally to help you, since there is
    no free local warranty service or instruction on internet or big box store purchased machines.
    And what might seem good to one person is not good at all to another.

Q. I have seen sewing machines online that I can buy with a low cost service contracts.
    Are these good deals? They seem to good to be true.

A. Service contracts are usually offered by those that sell online. It is our opinion that they are
    worthless. The problem is that those that honor the contracts are few and far between, get paid very
    little for doing the repair and so getting your machine repaired under it is very difficult.
    If you are considering it, ask the seller where the closest dealer is in case you need repair.
    Also, it does not mean an authorized dealer will be repairing your machine.
    There are no qualifications to be a repair dealer for those contracts.
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